Lets Go Agile !

The human tendency by default is Agile. It is only when we step into our office and lose all our agility.

Many of us, have come across suddenly shifting from working in a waterfall model to Agile. But how many of us really take some time, sit back and think through (retrospection) on the most important question – WHY ?

Why is there a need for being agile?
As i mentioned, as humans we are born agile in our day-to-day tasks. Then WHY do we force ourselves in our work environment or suddenly shift towards a model called AGILE. Though we do understand the dictionary term but the first picture or the thought we have when we are asked to work or be AGILE is seeing ourselves working efficiently, in a faster way and smiling at the end of the day.

But to work efficiently or faster do we ask the following questions to ourselves?
1) What thought process can make me Agile?
2) Do i need to follow certain guidelines in my office work to be Agile?
3) How do i STAY Agile?
4) very important… WHY AGILE?

Till now you must have realized we haven’t spoken about tools and techniques or methodologies to adapt Agile because to adapt Agile one needs a mindset. Hence we see a lot of resources covering Agile speaking about mindset and not tools and techniques.
Yes, we do have tools and techniques to adapt to Agile but the question is how many ?

Ask yourselves, till date have we recorded every event of us being Agile in different situations, be it during your final year project submission at a University/College during the last moment in a crunch time or planning an impromptu birthday party for a friend or family and to add, what happened when your car broke down in the middle of the road and you start thinking of the best possible option to resolve the situation immediately and get back home safe.
Let realize how we tailored our considerations as per our need. We inspected the situation and naturally adapted to it. Yes we were agile.
We were always Agile and hence to count the number of tools and techniques required to be AGILE is infinity.

For being AGILE, we must inspect and adapt to the situation frequently as per the need and tailor the considerations. Well, i just mentioned the word “Frequently” for you to ponder over the questions that i asked earlier in this blog. Just by inspecting and adapting to the situation helps? Well, the question is how frequently do you inspect and adapt.

Let me know what you think !

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