Becoming – Michelle Obama

“ But it wasn’t until the letter W-H-I-T-E came up that I froze altogether.“

The depth of this line was unimaginable. This reflect’s Michelle Obama’s super authenticity, bold statement with honesty and a smart way to put up for reader’s like us.

The book segregates itself into 3 sections – “Becoming Me”, “Becoming Us” and “Becoming More”

Personally, I am very much influenced by Barack Obama’s work since the time he got elected as the first black US president. I was intrigued to know the struggle he went through. But before starting off with Barack’s biography, I was keen to know about the First Lady herself. This got me to start reading Michelle’s autobiography first. Absolutely, I was not disappointed ‘coz somewhere i knew looking at her speeches on YouTube and watching her appearances i was sure this lady must have had a strong support and influence to Barack.

Michelle’s journey started her childhood from the south side of Chicago and has shared her chronicle experiences that shaped her life. With great honesty and utter wit, she describes her achievements and disappointments which were both private and public in a suave manner. As she explains – There is no straight line between effort and reward.
Like any other person, Michelle has shared her experiences straight from the heart and ultimately makes everyone of us to Believe in ourselves. 

Having a prenotion while I started this book, I was expecting to read more about Michelle and less about Barack and I must say  for reader’s like us she did not disappoint. To take stand on every decision from the early stage, sharing her cute love stories from sophomore days and finally meeting Barack was a joyride to read. But this does not stop here. The time Barack decided to contest for presidential elections, Michelle shared her struggles in supporting Barack and taking care of her two sweet daughters – Sasha and Malia. It takes an iron lady like Michelle to come from a lower-middle class minority family to become the first lady of the USA.

Michelle graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School to start her career as an attorney. She also founded the Chicago chapter of public allies, an organization that prepares young people for careers in public service.

Sharing her story in her own terms from growing up, graduating, meeting Barack, motherhood and finally the first lady is what I would recommend everyone to know about Michelle.

The book slowly transitions a reader in “Believing Me” to “Believing Us” and finally to “Believing More”